Tile Cleaning Dublin – Natural Stone, Grout Sealing

Natural Stone Cleaning & Grout Sealing

Since we were not happy to rest our fate on the results of our Healthy Home Study for upholstery and carpets, hence a further study was conducted on our Grout and Tile cleaning system. As a result, we would be delighted to share the results with you.


The Chem-Dry Natural Stone & Tile cleaning system removes 98.6% of bacteria from these surfaces.

We are extremely pleased with the superior results in this study, solidifying Chem-Dry’s position as the ‘Healthy Home Brand’, not just for carpet & upholstery cleaning but also for Tile & Grout and Natural Stone cleaning industry.

For effective cleaning of your natural stone, we must know what composition stone it is. We are dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of natural stone cleaning to give all our clients the desired result that they want. We use all the latest equipment, techniques, and specially formulated cleaning solutions and agents to get your stone sparkling clean and completely extend its life. Grout is a very porous material that can become overcome with mould, mildew, and all types of bacteria. Grout that is dirty and discoloured can be colour sealed, which will change the entire floor. Grout sealing this means it can be dyed a colour of your choice it is a task as you must do each grout line carefully to paint it and then seal once dried. By the end, it will have made a complete dramatic change to your entire floor.

Why choose our Tile Cleaning service in Dublin?

We use an advanced tile cleaning system and we use quality tile cleaning equipment that will provide a complete maintenance and restoration clean for long-lasting results. Our very affordable rates and competitive prices are what makes us stand out from the rest and makes our services customer friendly. Our staff have years of experience in this industry and will offer a professional approach to every job. We use only the latest techniques, efficient tools, and cleaning products which provides the most effective cleaning there is. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime via the details provided on our website.

For any Tile & Grout or Natural Stone cleaning inside your home or your patio or business, please call us


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